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Why educational content wins

Help people, help yourself - in the game of social media, educational content is a win-win situation. Some would say it's a great 'game-play' (see what we did there...). Anyway enough of the play on words (oops we can't help ourselves), let's get to the goodness that is how you can nail social media by creating educational content!

We've said it before and we will say it again - social media is social. Your businesses posts are popping up between your audiences Mum's photos of her garden, their friends baby photos, and sisters engagement snaps. The fact that businesses and people share the same platform means it's a very unique space, and fundamentally means that sales, pitching and blatant advertising aren't well received on social media.

"So what exactly is it for then?" I hear you asking. Relationship building!

Social media is a place for conversations and interactions. When done right, these conversations and interactions build brand awareness and brand 'love' for your brand. Here's where the good stuff comes in...

So many people get stuck in posting content that just 'informs' followers. Whether that's on current events, results (if you're an athlete), achievements etc. That content is fine, but it's a bit one sided and it doesn't facilitate those relationships that we're wanting to build, as our followers don't gain anything from this type of content.

Introducing 'educational content' - the not so secret weapon to social media success that every business, brand, athlete, or public figure can use. The idea is simple, you're creating content that is of value to your fans and future clients.

I'm going to jump straight into some examples here since I find that's the best way to describe things. Say you run an internet company for example - you know your customers are people who regularly use the internet for work and recreation, they want it to be fast (because who doesn't), you know they own technological gadgets to get onto the internet, you also know they probably own a house or rent a dwelling of sorts. Here's a list of things you could create content on:

  1. Tips for running or starting an online business - They're clearly going to want fast internet if they start an online business so you'd be well positioned here, plus the value of your product increases and it positions your internet as an asset.

  2. The top 5 productivity apps - We've identified your target market are potentially busy people, running a household, working or running their own business, and they're tech savvy.

  3. Tips on where to place your router in your home to get best coverage - Helpful content that increases a potential customers knowledge and solves a problem for them which reduces the uncertainty around your product, but also builds a relationship with your brand.

As you'll see from the examples above, all these are specifically targeted to our target audience (the people who will be paying money for our product/service), and they either tap into their wants or desires, or help them solve a problem that they have.

In posting educational content you are:

  • Being a helpful human/brand/company

  • Giving without expectation of a purchase which is generous

  • Building brand awareness + love for your brand

  • Creating content that's more likely to be shared around because it's helpful

  • Positions you as the 'expert' in your field

Wins all round! Have a think about the kinds of content you could create, that will resonate with your target audience and will help to build a relationship between your brand and your audience. It's not only going to help you commercially, but it's also really fun to get creative with content. Bonus points to anyone who brings in a third party to create educational content as well - this is a great option for companies who have sponsored athletes or brand ambassadors, as you can tap into their knowledge base and fan base as well for a double whammy win!! Get thinking on what educational content you could create in your business, and then get posting, blogging, and newsletter writing up a storm.

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