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Our Story

We're into telling stories, so have a read of ours.

Waikato brand and commercial Photographer and videographer Play Creative

Playful & creative

If you happened to sit on the couch with us on any regular evening, you'd realise we're a bit passionate about storytelling. We analyse the ads, swapping notes on what's effective and what's not. Pop-quizzes on brand names and key messages are a regular occurrence, and niche camera angles are always noted. 

By 'we', I mean Nicky & Dan Franks - Play Creative co-founders, who also happen to be husband and wife.



We started Play Creative in 2016, from the bedroom of our 7 person flat, after 'investing' in our first video camera which we bought off Ebay. 

At that point, Dan was a professional BMX athlete, competing for New Zealand, whilst studying Creative Media and Technologies at University. His passion and flair for videography was strong, having filmed bike edits from a young age.


Nicky was working in Marketing and Management, having studied Communications at University. Her passion for business and communications, and a love of horses were slowly converging towards starting her own gig.


In starting Play Creative, we dreamed of a boutique creative studio who gave a shit about their clients, and crafted edgy and beautiful communications, which solved problems playfully. We care about creating visual solutions that build brand love between our clients and their target market. 

HOW IT's going

Since pressing Play on our own business 7 years ago, we've been trusted to tell the stories of hundreds of businesses. We've travelled to all corners of New Zealand, and even left our shores to work with international clients. 

Our work is out there and doing it's thing for each and every one of our clients, building relationships with potential customers and strengthening connections with existing ones, all through organic storytelling. Our videos and photos are now featured on TV, at international expos, in magazines, in the media, on billboards and signage, and of course on social media and websites.

A lot has changed over the years - yet at our core, our goal, dream and values all remain the same. A boutique creative agency who give a shit about their clients, and create visual communications that tell stories and build long lasting relationships. 

We love what we do more than ever now, and are proud to say that we punch well above our weight as the 'two person agency' that we are. 

Waikato brand and commercial Photographer and videographer Play Creative


Your official introduction to the Play Creative crew.

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