Videography is our jam - we create videos that tell stories, move people, and create long lasting brand love.
Videos we create generally fall into 5 main categories: 

Full story - your main 'about us' video. This is the main video that will sit on their website and social media, and it tells their full story - who they are, what they do, why they do it & everything in between. These videos normally sit between 1.5-3 minutes in length, feature audio from up to 3 people, and are filmed across a number of locations.. 
Short story videos - These are often based around specific services, products or offerings. The supporting story videos support the hero video by going into more detail, and often reaching out to a specific target audience. Audio generally from 1-2 people, filming at 1-2 locations.
TV Commercials - 15, 30 & 60 second videos for television.
Showreel - These videos are shorter in length and don't contain voice over audio, so they're just shots with a backing song.

FPV drone videography - Immersive and edgy drone videography.

Below is a selection of all our styles of videos we produced, filmed and edited for our clients.