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Step away from the computer

Sometimes it feels a little bit like we're a slave to our computers. Like there's an actual glue that sticks us at our desks so we can't leave. We hate this feeling, and have noticed it's not particularly conducive to great work either, so we're pretty active in noticing and combatting the notion of being stuck in the office.

Creativity is vital to everyones work, it doesn't matter what industry or role you're in, you'll benefit from being creative in the way you think, and that will impact the outcome of your work. Engineers, software programmers, marketers, people managers - they all use creativity on a daily basis, or at least they should be.

The great thing is that creativity isn't a magical concept that comes and goes as it pleases, it can be actively created through environment design.

There's a tonne of ways you can revive your creativity, but one that works so super effectively for us, it's hard to ignore and easy to implement. Our most effective way of getting creative and refuelling, is by getting a dramatic change of scenery while we work. For us this means heading out in our van, and working remotely. The change of landscape, change of routine, more simple way of living, and connection with nature does absolute wonders for us. As soon as we hit the road, the ideas start flowing in, we naturally start jamming on what we want to do or achieve in the business, how we could work more effectively, or even just seem to find the answer to simple problems we've been stuck on. It really feels like quite a magical process that all falls into place.

You don't need to wait until you're all out of creativity, to implement a creative boost trip/week/focus. Just like learning and growing, this should be something you invest in regularly.

Our van is our thing, but chances are you have a similar place or activity that fills you up and gets the ideas flowing. Whether it's a holiday home, Airbnb, or your favourite cafe, get active in booking time to go there for a remote working trip.

Two tips from us around this:

  1. Book the time in your diary well in advance, and treat it with the importance of a client project. This means no booking things on those days, shortening the trip, thinking you'll do it the following week - your clients wouldn't be happy about that now would they!

  2. Let the day flow and listen to yourself - Our van trips are remote working trips, and we always allow ourselves to feel out how we want to structure our day. Generally speaking we work in the mornings and evenings, and adventure in between, but we let the days flow and make sure we're working when we really want to. You'll be seriously surprised at how much work you'll get done while you feel like you're on holiday, because the time is purposeful, you feel fulfilled, and the ideas flow.

  3. Don't feel guilty - I'm 99% sure that the reason we get stuck at our desks is that we feel that's what we're 'supposed' to be doing, and we feel guilty doing anything else (that's how I feel anyway!). Remember that this practice is not just good for you, it's good for your work, your clients, and the people around you - there's wins everywhere. Drop the guilt, book the time.

If you needed any more inspiration, here are a couple photos from our recent trip away:


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