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We're hiring: Waikato based video editor

Waikato based Videographer/Video editor

We are a Waikato based videography company who craft storytelling videos which help our clients share their passions and stories with the rest of the world. Play Creative was founded by Nicky Felton and Dan Franks in late 2016 and has experienced some massive growth over the past two years.

We're looking for a creative and talented video editor who's based in the Waikato, to join our team and help us keep up with the work we're booking! This would be a contract role which would start casually (on a project by project basis) with the opportunity to grow quickly and to develop into a more permanent contract.

Basically we’re peeps who love our business, take immense pride in our jobs, love our flexibility and creativity, and love to have fun along the way. We’re after someone who shares our values above and who wants to join a young and passionate company who’s on the way up.

This role is hugely flexible – aside from meetings held at our favourite cafés, you’ll be working from home (or anywhere else you choose!) and will be in charge of managing your own time.

The role will be largely editing footage shot by us, however we often also require an additional shooter so we’re after someone who’s handy with a camera, who has a creative eye for a shot, and who’s a great communicator (so you can become BFF’s with our clients on shoots).

This role will start as a casual contract role on a project by project basis, but the right person has the opportunity to develop it into a more permanent contract. As we’re a small company who’s all about being flexible, we’re keen to work out your strengths and areas of interest so we can play to them and help you work on projects that suit you.

You must:

  • Be a Premier Pro ninja

  • Have attention to detail so intense that no badly timed shot change will get past you

  • Be able to work independently and make executive decisions

  • We don’t care if you work from bed in your pyjamas, we just care that your video is with us when you say it will be (but maybe dress for Skype calls and meeting…)

  • Have experience making epic videos

If you’re feeling our vibe and are keen to apply, please send through a ‘one pager’ on why you’re an epic fit for this role and our team, your CV, and a few examples of your work.

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