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We've made discoveries

We've made a couple of neat discoveries lately around the flow on effects of our videos, which have really fuelled our passion and made us proud of the work we're doing. We so often talk about storytelling, and have found a couple of trends from the work we've been doing with clients around their storytelling. We've found that our clients often look around at these amazing businesses that surround them, and think "they all have such amazing stories, where's mine?". We regularly have clients coming to us saying they want a video created, but don't think we will be able to make one as pretty as "*insert one of our clients videos here*" because their business is 'only small', 'isn't terribly exciting', or 'doesn't have the history others do'.

Truth is, we haven't yet found a client without a story, or with a boring story - we've discovered that their stories are just hiding! We've found that our clients stories are hiding underneath the layer of 'normal' that's surrounded them since they've been working IN their business for a while. We've realised it can be really hard to get perspective when you're sitting in your business because overtime we start to take things for granted, and with that our story hides away a bit. Then sprinkle in a touch of self doubt and suddenly people find it very hard to not only locate their story, but then to articulate it becomes almost impossible on their own.

We've been discovering and telling our clients stories through video for over a year now, and we've come to realise that so much of what we do is not only to tell the world about our clients story, but also to reflect their story back to them. Obviously our main motivation was to produce videos for our clients to use as external relationship building and sales tools, so the realisation that the videos we're creating also had a huge secondary purpose as internal communication tools was pretty neat!

We've seen clients absolutely flourish since receiving their video, not only because it's a powerful marketing tool for them, but also because it's a tool they use to find their motivation, inspiration, and to re-centre in their WHY of what they're doing. We've also absolutely loved seeing the reactions of employees when their companies video is released online; they can't WAIT to share the video to show their friends and family the work they're doing, and are so genuinely proud to do so.

We love that we're not only creating marketing tools, but are also giving our clients clarity around their story and their why in the process.

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