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  • Nicky

DIY video editing

Businesses need to jump on the video bandwagon. Full stop. It's the way the internet is going, people are able to consume more information in a short video, it's more visually engaging and allows more context, Facebook and Instagram naturally push video content further, and when people are naturally time poor and are 'scrolling' Facebook multiple times a day, it's important to try and catch their attention!

And whilst you probably need us (wink wink) to create your story style videos that are suitable for website or advertising content, we ALWAYS encourage our clients and friends to up-skill to a level where you can make your own short social media videos that you can release on your businesses social channels to keep your followers engaged. The key to this is that you can create these videos quickly, think same day turn around, and therefore your content is relevant to viewers.

So we thought we'd give you a heads up on how to go about this - a few months ago we wrote a blog on capturing video, and now we're moving onto editing.

Are you ready team? Get those phones out and app stores ready!! Our #1 apps for creating snappy video content:

GoPro Quik - Hands down the easiest and quickest (name on point) app to use, which allows a bunch of editing options to create short, snappy, visually interesting videos. Download it, select some videos, and the app basically does the rest for you, adding effects and titles. Best of all it's free!

If you're short on video content and want to make promotional videos using still photos, try Ripl. This app allows you to select photos, a video theme or style, and add titles over the images to create a short video that's eye catching and has movement. Great for announcing a new blog/product/service etc in a visually interesting way.

And finally, iMovie. It comes installed on every apple product and although it sometimes takes a little getting used to, it allows you to do everything you need to in order to make great social media content.

Get downloading and give video making a go!

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