Our top tips for posting video's to social media

If you've got a sweet video made, or you've taken the time to make one yourself, you're going to want to do everything possible to give it the best go at succeeding on social media - with the Facebook and Instagram algorithm in place and having a huge effect on how well content does, there are some specific tricks you NEED to know if you're about to upload your video and send it out to the 'land of the socials'! The three tips below are relevant to everyone, they will have a significant impact on the reach of your content, and they're super easy to implement once you know about them:

ALWAYS post organically to Facebook or Instagram

Facebook and Instagram love fresh, shiny new content - to explain that further, if no one added new content to Facebook and Instagram the same content would just keep going in circles and users would get bored of it pretty quickly, so Facebook really wants you to post new STUFF. As a result, a video uploaded organically to Facebook rather than being uploaded to Youtube and then 'shared' to Facebook, is going to go 10x better. It's a no brainer. We see a LOT of people uploading the video to their Youtube channel and then sharing the link to their Facebook page - this means that people have to go to Youtube to watch the video (it doesn't bring up a preview on Facebook), Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook so it will naturally reduce the amount of reach your post gets.

If you want the video to be on your Youtube channel as well, upload it to Youtube, but then upload it to Facebook as well - it takes longer (we know upload time is a pain!) but it's well worth the additional reach.

Upload video's to Facebook from your computer, not your phone

Don't ask us why, but when you upload a video from your phone to Facebook (even if you go through the pages app) it always uploads in lower quality than if you upload from your computer. So it's worth the hassle of transferring the file to your computer (if you're on Macs and iphones the 'airdrop' option is super easy) and then uploading to Facebook from there.

Post all content on your business page and then share on your personal page

Often we see clients so excited about their new video or photos that they put them up on their personal accounts and then share to their business accounts - this unfortunately means that the content isn't being organically posted to your page, it's rather being shared, so it won't do well on your business account. Also, our personal profiles aren't as effected by the Facebook algorithm, so posts to your personal account will generally do well, even if they're shared posts, so you don't have to worry about getting a dismal amount of likes when you share content to your personal account from your business account.

Happy posting!