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Why video is so hot right now

Everyone in the marketing world seems to be on about video at the moment, and we thought we'd jump in to help explain exactly why that is!

Simply put, video's secret weapon is it's 'content richness' - it has the ability to transport people to places, scenes and scenarios, and to make them feel like they're actually there, because of the amount of 'information' that it exposes it's viewers to. The imagery of shots, details that are focussed on, sounds used, pace at which shots change, music and music tempo, voice over and audio, and colour grading, all provide context for a message.

When done well, video does storytelling like no other platform does.

Video is also incredibly powerful at the moment because it's much more REAL than photos are - in a world where everyone is trying to stage the best Instagram selfie, people and brands can hide behind well curated content. However with video providing much more context, we get a much more 'real' version of the story which is refreshing and honest.

And the social platforms are LOVING video right now - Facebook especially WANTS it's users to create engaging video content, so it's actually pushing people's videos further and giving them more reach. Here's a fun, and rather shocking fact: Videos on Facebook receive, on average, 135% more reach than a Facebook photo. Need we say more?

There's a few really important things to note around the video world at the moment though:

Phone camera's these days can capture great video, and are making it much easier to share to social platforms which is a win for everyone - BUT - this does mean that online platforms are getting flooded with 'shaky selfie videos' and content that's not very creative or engaging. Online audiences are becoming much less tolerant of this kind of content and are getting pretty good at scrolling past video's that don't capture their attention within 3 seconds so you've got to get it right from the start to draw them in! We're a huge fan of businesses and clients creating DIY video's from their camera's and we think it really supplements the video's that we create for them, so we're going to be throwing some of our best DIY vid tips into a few upcoming blogs to help you up-level your skills in this area. In the meantime, grab your phone and get familiar with the video functions you've got available at your fingertips, and stay tuned for our upcoming blogs. And if you're after something more high quality that's going to take your business to the next level, or you just don't have the time to invest in learning to create some of your own videos, then hey, we're here to help you out with that too.

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