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A playful partnership

We're the kind of people who will stop mid-sentence to point out that there's a 'doggo' or 'pupper' nearby. It doesn't matter what breed, size or age it is, it will be admired, usually in a high pitched voice with reference to the terms 'cute', 'fluffy', or 'prettiest dog in the world'.

We've also been looking for a 'give back' project for a while, a cause we can jump on board with to put our skills to use and make a difference to the world. So when the 'Waikato Pound Pups' followed us on Instagram, Nicky pounced on her phone and got her stalk on quicker than ever.

One thing lead to another and the next day we were at the pound patting puppies...

We're so pleased to announce that we've partnered with the Waikato Pound Pups to help this super organisation find loving homes and families for the gorgeous dogs that come into their care.

So many dogs and puppies are surrendered to the pound for a variety of reasons, from owners no longer able to care for them, to living conditions that aren't suitable. The team at the Waikato Pound Pups take the dogs in, give them a warm and comfortable environment, treat medical conditions and give vaccinations, do behavioural tests, and finally put the word out to find loving new families for these pups.

All of these dogs have the biggest personalities, and we believe that we can help to capture and communicate these to the world by taking photos and videos to showcase these playful companions, to help them find their humans!

PLUS it means we get to play with adorable puppies on an ongoing basis - I'm pretty sure this is a serious win win for all parties!

There's nothing more playful than an excited puppy - Play Creative and Waikato Pound Pups, we think it's a perfect fit!

p.s - Yes this little guy and his two brothers are up for adoption, does it get any cuter than this!?

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