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The power of quality imagery

A picture can tell a thousand words, we've all heard it before, and yet do we really UNDERSTAND the power of imagery?

In this flooded online market these days, visuals are what make customers and clients 'stop scrolling' or 'scanning' and inspire them to take notice of your posts - something we most certainly want!

When we're talking social media and imagery, it sounds a bit crazy but it's pretty much make or break. How come you ask?

WELL - Images (and video's) provide all important context for viewers, that your post content often doesn't implicitly state. A well composed, balanced, and crisp image communicates to the customer/viewer that you're serious about what you do, you're a brand focussed on quality, you have style and attention to detail - all without you having to state that yourself!

In fact your viewers will actually build a relationship with you based on these qualities portrayed through your imagery.

Likewise a low quality image has the opposite effect, causing distance between you and your customers, and downgrading the value of your product.

It sounds pretty cut throat but it's true - customers are expecting more and more online as technology improves and the social space becomes more and more crowded!

So you've basically got two options: 1) Learn how to use a camera like a pro so you can capture your own images, or 2) get a professional in for a photoshoot and build up a bank of images to post!

Both options are great. If you have the time to spend learning how to use a camera, and have access to a good camera then GO FOR IT! This will mean you'll be able to get fresh, new content, whenever you want! If you don't have the time or creativity, get a professional in to get the job done for you. Photoshoots are affordable as you can gain a bunch of social media images which you can then store and call on whenever you need them - a super investment.

Whatever option you choose, get posting some high res images on your social accounts today and see what a difference it makes!

Here's an image from our recent photoshoot with The Bikery Cafe who approached us wanting some images to spruce up their Instagram feed - great call team, and we had SO MUCH FUN on our shoot with them - I may or may not have had about 3 coffee's, someone had to drink them after we photographed them!

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