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  • Nicky

But what should I post!?

Social media is WHERE IT'S AT for businesses these days, we all know that it's where businesses connect with and communicate with their target audiences on a daily basis, and it's only going growing! The biggest complaint we get from small businesses and individuals when we give talks or presentations on social media is, "But I never know what to post!?". So we thought we'd go ahead and give you a few tips and tricks in this area!!

First up, there are a few different types of posts you should be posting:

Information - Posts to keep people in the loop and to update people on upcoming events, sales, products, markets etc.

Entertaining - Those posts that are designed to reduce the 'distance' between you and your audience and to make you more relatable, they make you more human!

Educational - Adding value to your audience is SO important and it's something that businesses often don't capitalise on enough!

We're going to elaborate on the 'educational' type below: These days there are SO MANY organisations on social media that it's easy to get lost in the noise, and it's getting harder to convince customers that they should follow your business or brand in the first place. BUT the good news is that as businesses/athletes/or brands, there are a number of areas that we can add value to our audience to increase their 'brand love' for our organisation or brand and therefore increase the chances of wanting to realise our brand by purchasing a produce/service.

What are the things that you take for granted, that you could share with your followers and they could benefit from? The little tips and tricks you use each day, the 'insiders' look into you business/sport/industry?

Sometimes talking to someone who isn't in your industry, doesn't know your sport, or is a little behind you in your development, is the best way to dig down to find out these tips and tricks which you can use as educational content. Have a general chat and see what questions they ask and what areas they're interested in, then turn those areas into content!

Be helpful, add value, and your audience will have a reason to follow you, and will love you for it!

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