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So you want more followers right...

Okay so how do we go about doing this? We thought we'd share a few tips and tricks with you guys, our peeps, so help you on your way. So lets get started!

Your followers are going to want to know who you are and WHY they should follow you within the first few seconds of them finding your page, so you need to communicate this super clearly and efficiently. Even if you're not 100% sure just yet, find a way to confidently communicate what you do know to your audience (fake it till you make it right!?).

How do we do this you ask - here's a couple of tips:

1) Nail your 'about' section - on Facebook you've got the 'short description' and the 'long description'. The short description shows up on the right hand side of your page when someone is visiting your business page so it's what they see immediately - it needs to be concise and PUNCHY so they know who you are and what you do right off the bat. The Long description is what they'll see when they click on your 'about' page so this is where you can be a bit more wordy and descriptive because the people visiting here obviously want to know more about you.

2) Put a link to your website in your about section. Some business page types don't allow you to put your website link on your main page (in the little info section on the right hand side) so if this is the case, sneak it into your short description so people can see it straight away when they get to your page.

3) Pin a post to the top of the page wit a welcome note for new visitors! This is a great way to directly target people who are visiting your page for the first time - you might want to thank them for checking your page out, tell them what type of content you'll be posting, and some fun facts about you/your business so they know straight away what you're all about.

4) Be PERSONAL - you really want your brand voice to shine through in your about section so that your audience connects with you straight away. Use THEIR language so it hit's them right in the 'feels' and remember not to try and target everyone, just speak directly to those people within your target audience as you'll be far more effective that way.

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