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We bought fun new stuff!

A couple of months ago Dan and I sat down at Punnet cafe (one of the favourites!) and had a chat about where we wanted to go with Play Creative - the answer was that we both wanted to create more amazing video's with more amazing people! We both decided that it's time to level up and play bigger.

So naturally the next step was to invest in some new gear - much to Dan's excitement and my nervousness (spending a decent amount of money on stuff you know nothing about is much less fun than you think...)

So anyway, a couple of the purchases have arrived and we thought you might like to see our new additions to the team! We hope this might also be helpful research for anyone starting out in the video world, we highly rate these products!

#1 - The Gimbal | Zhiyun Crane

The Crane is a hand held stabiliser so we can get silky smooth shots of 'stuff on the move'. Dan is so excited about this one that he's pretty much followed people and things around non stop to test it out - it's mildly creepy but I totally agree that the resulting footage is pretty epic!

#2 - The B Camera | Sony 6500

This one I'm much more excited about because while this camera's official title is 'Our B Camera' it's fondly known as 'Nicky's Camera'. It's essentially the 'baby' version to our A camera, it's super compact, it has excellent photo quality, and great video quality as well. This will allow us to have two cameras at most shoots and will also allow us to get video and photos at the same time without the hassle of changing settings and lenses!

We're super pumped at these new additions, and have a few more goodies which are expected to arrive this week! Stay tuned...

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