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It's Easter...where has the year gone!?

Okay straight up, where has the year gone!? It's April already!?

I worked out yesterday where the year has gone - it's gone into working with the 15 clients we've worked with already this year. 15 brand new clients, companies and inspirational people who we've done an assortment of graphic design, photography and videography projects for.

What a lot of you don't know, is that Dan is still studying FULL TIME at University, and Nicky has a communications role for an Australian company which takes between 25-35 hours a week. So yea, that's where the year has gone!

And just as the saying goes "time flies when you're having fun" - we've loved every second of it!!

Some BIG news from us:

When we origionally started Play, we began by doing graphic design work before we bought our beloved camera. Once we started producing videos we found that was our speciality and what we really loved doing so we switched our focus to videography, and as we'd got so busy we thought we'd have to drop the design aspect. What we found though, was that many of our video clients also needed graphic design work done as well, and we struggled to find someone to send them to to get this done. With Nicky's communication skills she could really work closely with them to work out what they needed, we then just needed someone to do the MAKING of the design work. So we're super excited to announce that we've found a sweet designer and are now offering in house graphic design services as well :)

We're also super excited to announce that we've brought on board an additional editor now that we're pretty much fully booked with projects. This will allow us to produce MORE amazing videos, and work with MORE inspirational clients to help them share their stories!

Here are a few fun facts on the work we've done so far:

Sports: BMX, Rowing, Show Jumping, Evening, Thoroughbred Racing, Dancing, Outdoor Education

Shoot locations: Melbourne, Whakatane, Karangahaki Gorge, The Mount (Tauranga), Katikati, Cambridge, Raglan

Thank you for following our journey so far - we're so excited about where Play Creative is heading and love that you're along for the ride with us!

Nicky and Dan

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