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Our tips on website building for the amateur who's 'just starting out'

So you've got a business idea you want to get started on, or a brand you need to build (athletes I'm talking to you!), what next?! Well in todays day and age, you'll need a super online space to showcase what it is you do or make - que social media and a WEBSITE!

Now back in the days we'd have to get some web expert to code a website for us, which would sit there static forever, and we'd never really be able to change that - and that's hella expensive. Luckily for us these days there are much simpler and easier ways of creating a websites, in fact you can make one yourself from the comfort of your own home!

Now don't get us wrong, if you're trying to build a website with an extensive online shop, with a user interface or login system, or anything super technical like that, you may be better off going with a web expert who knows what they're doing. BUT if you simply need a space to showcase what you do, to tell the world who you are, and to blog about all your fav things...then building a website is a super option for you!

Often when we tell people they can build their own websites, we get some kind of "don't be silly, I wouldn't be able to do that" response in return - but trust us, you can, and we've got a great web building site which will make it nice and simple for you!

There are a bunch of free website building platforms out there, and all have their merits and disadvantages - but to create simple, eye catching, well designed websites, we use

Head over, sign up, choose a template, and get playing! Now here's the thing, when you want to add your own domain name (i.e, you'll need to purchase that (around $20 per year approx) and you'll need to upgrade your Wix site to 'premium' to attach it to your site, which will cost you around $80 per year. This is totally worth it as it will also allow you to view your analytics for your site so you can see who's visiting and reading your stuff!

So there you have it - p.s YES our site is created on Wix, incase you were wondering!

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