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Google Drive...just get it, it's great.

Every good sportsperson (and builder!) knows you need the right tools and equipment for the job, and the same can be said for running businesses. Just like every athlete has their 'must haves' in their gym bag, we've got some 'gear' of our own which we can't do without!

We've developed a little collection of our fav tools and tips, and we thought there's no point in keeping them to ourselves, so let's share and care! So whether you run your own blog, personal brand, athlete brand, or full blow company - we know these will help you in some way or another.

Google Drive - this one isn't super glamorous but it's a huge key to our business!

So you know how getting photos from your phone to your computer, and vice versa can be a total pain? AND you know how when people are collaborating on a document it's a massive hassle to email it backwards and forwards to make changes? We do, and that's why we love Google Drive.

Google Drive is a cloud based storage app for documents, photos, and videos.

Within Google drive you can create folders like you would on your computer, and can share them with other people. The best part is that collaborators can make changes to documents and they're LIVE, which means you can see other people making changes!! This means you've always got the most up to date version of your document, in one place, and collaborating with other people on one document is seamless and easy.

The other super neat thing is that the Google Drive app means you can have access to those documents super easily, anytime, from your phone. It also allows you to transfer large files easily between phone and computer, or even to clients. We use drive to send all our photos and video's to clients and it makes life SUPER easy!

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