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Social content made easy with Canva

Every good sportsperson (and builder!) knows you need the right tools and equipment for the job, and the same can be said for running businesses. Just like every athlete has their 'must haves' in their gym bag, we've got some 'gear' of our own which we can't do without!

We've developed a little collection of our fav tools and tips, and we thought there's no point in keeping them to ourselves, so let's share and care! So whether you run your own blog, personal brand, athlete brand, or full blow company - we know these will help you in some way or another.

First up we have a super little app which makes creating content for social media just so much easier! CANVA is an app which allows you to put text, shapes and objects on top of images, to create killer social content, and best of all you can use it for free!!

We love Canva because it allow you to choose a variety of different content dimensions so it's super easy to create content that's the right size for the platform you want to use. To explain a little further, content for Instagram vs Facebook differ in size for example, so it automatically sets you up with a template to suit the size you want to create.

Canva can be used on the computer, or as an app on your phone, and once you've had a little play with how everything works, it's super simple and easy to produce eye catching 'stuff' for social media.

So there you have it - add it to your repertoire of tools and have a play!

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