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Athletes, artists, and one special boat

When fellow athlete and all round good human, Toby Cunliffe-Steel got in touch with us to talk about a project he was creating, we we're instantly thrown into a flurry of excitement and 'idea-having'!

We were even more excited once we'd met up with the wonderful Vera from Laszlo boats NZ to talk the project through. It was pretty clear right from the start that this was something special - Toby and Vera were clearly passionate about the project, and couldn't wait to show the world what they'd created.

Long story short: Combine a passionate and driven rower, with an innovative and totally game-changing boat production company, and then throw a local artist in the mix and actually physically give him the boat to 'do art' on... yep it's something totally left field, and we LOVE the result.

We love innovation, and can't get enough of businesses and people like this who are driven to change the norm and challenge the boundaries - it's right up our alley.

We feel incredibly humbled to have had the opportunity to tell this special story to the rest of the world, and we can report back that the world loved it... the video is currently at 175 shares!

Fun side note: Toby is actually the person we 'blame' for getting Dan and I together in the first place - long story short he was involved in a fundraising event and he invited Dan to be a part of it as well, and it just so happens that Nicky was helping out with the event organising!

Here's a little behind the scenes image from the shoot at 5am!! Head HERE to watch the video in full.

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